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  • Fun with Bus Visitors

    by Steve Boyd | May 11, 2014

    We wanted to send a shout-out to our new friends from Albuquerque.

    On May 3, we had the pleasure of hosting a busload of quilters visiting from Albuquerque. 

    What a fun idea -- take a trip with a bunch of your friends and spend all your time visiting quilt museums, quilt shows and favorite quilt shops.

    We were happy to welcome the group to Snappy Quilts.  

    While adding 48 people to our normal Saturday shoppers presented a few logistical problems, everyone seemed to have a great time shopping, chatting, buying, and taking time out for lunch at our nearby favorites.

    When it was all said and done, we loved having the visitors, and welcome any other groups interested in a visit. 

    And it was quite fun to have them arrive the same weekend that Quilt Sampler Magazine hit the newsstand, featuring Snappy Quilts as a Top Ten shop!
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