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  • Cotton+Steel

    As a young company, Cotton+Steel hopes to honor the traditions of creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation inherent in the sewing and quilting world. The five designers are unusually collaborative, and their first fabric collections will be shipping to stores this Summer.

    This company of designers includes Melody Miller, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Alexia Abegg, Kim Kight, and Sarah Watts.

    Snappy Quilts now has in stock several collections, individual fabrics, and basics from this up and coming group of designers.

      The Mustang Collection by Melody Miller. 


      Hat Box Collection
         by Alexia Marcelle Abegg


    Homebody Collection
         by Kimberly Kight



    August Collection
        by Sarah Watts

  • The Color Collection

    From Andover Fabrics

    The Color Collection was designed by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle for quilters looking for sophisticated basics that work with any genre of fabrics from traditional to modern. In the image above, you can see how they created a wide range of hues in two different values.  

    We now have in stock a wide selection from the Color Collection, all of which make versatile additions to any quilt or stash.  Click on any of the fabric swatches below to see a larger image of these rich colors and designs.




  • Spring 2014 Kaffe Fassett Collection

    We have just received a new selection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics from the Spring 2014 Collection.   Come and see these colorful and fun new designs.


    We also have the widest collection of Kaffe Fassett Spots, popular blenders that add great color to any quilt design.


  • Safari Moon by Frances Newcombe

    New from Art Gallery Fabrics

    Escape to the beautiful plains on an African safari. Hidden animals rest in the woodland areas.   The moon glows over the magical sky creating shimmering reflections on everything it lights. 

    This fabric collection will envelope you in its rich colors and whimsical adventure. 100% Premium Cotton, 44-45 in. width.  Now in stock at Snappy Quilts. Click here to shop on line for this collection with FREE SHIPPING.

    Click on the samples below to preview these beautiful fabrics:




  • Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine

    New from Art Gallery Fabrics

    Sweet as Honey is a collection with a story. It’s about exploring nature and growing a garden that generously allows for freshly picked flowers. It is here that the air smells as sweet as honey and a sense of wonderment sets in as you gaze upon a deer nestled among the dandelions. This is a most lovely place, where the birds fly free and the honey is extra sweet.

    100% Premium Cotton.  44-45"
    Click on the swatches below to see larger samples of Sweet as Honey.




  • Collage by Carrie Bloomston

    Celebrate your inner artist with Carrie Bloomston's palette of inspiration, COLLAGE. By using brush and ink, she's created images with scissors and paste in the spirit of a collage. The prints are bold and artful, yet whimsical and playful. Like a stack of art papers, cut-up news print, and playful hand-painted images, the designs just beg you to play. As with many modern sewers, Carrie loves to sew with words. COLLAGE is filled with letters, textures, and hipster imagery.  The newspaper print is composed of quilting- and sewing-related articles, and the essence of this line is artful and handmade. Patterns for all of Carrie's wonderful projects can be seen on her website.

    See larger images of the fabrics we have in stock by clicking on the selections below:



    ​Photos courtesy of Windham Fabrics, .
  • Vintage Verona

    We just received a new shipment of these beautiful and classic designs by Emily Taylor Design for Riley Blake Designs. 

    See more of these fabrics by clicking on the samples below.


    ​Sample photos courtesy of Riley Blake Desings.
  • Vagabond by Parson Gray for Free Spirit

    Vagabond offers a broad range of richly muted jewel tones and deep grey hues, Vagabond explores the hand-drawn inspiration of travels into the back streets and high deserts of the middle east, and the rich rain forest jungles and temples of Indonesia. The two worlds are brought together with an exciting, sophisticated layering of prints that harken to lush markets, buzzing cities and rich adventure travel. 

    Click on the images below to see more of the Vagabond fabrics.


  • Downton Abbey Collection

    We have received the entire, new collection of Downton Abbey fabrics from Andover.  These historically accurate (circa 1910-1922) colors and patterns have not often been produced in quilters' cotton.  The collection is divided into four fabric groups:

    The Dowager Countess:
    Bold and elegant, like the Dowager herself, this collection of fabrics is punctuated by prints and paisleys as big as her presence. The gray, purple, and black colors come straight from her wardrobe, and the patterns speak to her undeniable flair, steeped in refined tradition.

    Lady Sybil:
    Sybil’s fabric collection embodies her kindness, cheer, and dynamic character. The production team felt the bold geometric and large floral really spoke of Sybil. Her colors are a darker seafoam and blue gray with mauve purples.
    Lady Mary:
    A resolute, breathtaking beauty; 
    Mary’s fabrics showcase both her strength and style. Dark burgundy, blue, and green jewel tones saturate her patterns, some of which are inspired by her stunning headdress.

    Lady Edith:
    Enterprising and avant-garde both in character and fashion, Edith’s collection features breakthrough colors and patterns from the Edwardian era. Edith’s fabrics suggest the transition towards art deco, as demonstrated by her stylized floral patterns.

    See all the fabrics online at the Andover Fabrics web site (click here).  You can also find 12 great quilt projects especially designed for this fabric collection (click here).
  • New from Michael Miller

    Michael Miller has come out with some super graphic prints (Don't Be a Square) that are actually "guy friendly". We love the black, grey and taupe colorway. What makes this so great is they also stuck in those great purses (Purses Galore) so the ladies can enjoy them too!

      Click on the images for a larger views.

  • Bluebird Park

    You can't imagine how cute this entire collection is until you see it in person. The Kate & Birdie Paper Company has designed this collection,Bluebird Park, for Moda. Come in and dream with us about all the adorable things we could make.

      Click on the image for a larger view.

    See the entire Bluebird Park Collection at .
  • Bella Morocco

    We received some beautiful fabric from Kanvas Studios for Benartex.   Love the colors and the fun elephants make it even more interesting! It's called Bella Morocco.

      Click on the image to for a larger view.

    See more Bella Morocco fabrics at .
  • Dwellings (Contempo)

    If you are looking for fabric with a modern flare, look no further. This beautiful collection from Benartex is in the shop. It is called Dwellings (Contempo). We have quite a few new quilts in the shop, stop by and take a look.

      Click on the image for a larger view.

    See the entire Dwellings (Contempo) Collection at .
  • "Acacia" by Tula Pink

    Acacia by Tula Pink is in the We have it in these two colorways....isn't it wonderful? Lorrie made up a strip quilt that is just dreamy. Stop by the shop and take a look.

      Click on the image for a larger view.

    See the entire Acacia Collection at
  • New from Lecien Fabrics

    We just received a wonderful shipment from Lecien Fabrics in Japan. The yarn dyed fabric (gray) starts your mind thinking about a pencil skirt or a little jacket...a gray and white quilt, perhaps? The dots are soooooo cute and we received more colors than could fit in the photo!

       Click on the image for a larger view.
  • Doglandia - From Blend Fabrics

     Designer - Peter Horjus

    Playful pups, amusing icons, and laid back colors create a relaxed and weathered look for man's best friend.  Doglandia is "best in show" and guaranteed to give a "pawsitively" fresh look to all blankets, dog beds, and accessories for you and your furry friends.  Now available at Snappy Quilts.



    Photos ©Copyright 2013 Blend Fabrics, LLC

  • 2wenty Thr3e

    Best known for their extensive line of scrapbooking designs, Eric and Julie Comstock have now extended their popular 2wenty Thr3e collection into a beautiful line of fabrics, manufactured by Moda.

    Eric and Julie Comstock fell in love in Art School. After a few illustrations, a couple of paintings and one hand lettered announcement, they got married. After school, they both worked in advertising. When Julie left advertising to stay home with their children, Eric kept climbing the creative ladder, until 2006 when they started working together. They are the founders of the Cosmo Cricket brand and still design all the products for that label.  Eric and Julie work from their home in Austin, Texas approximately two feet from each other and are still as madly in love as they were in that first art class.

    Click on the samples below to take a closer look:


    Stop in to Snappy Quilts to see this fun fabric collection, and the beautiful blender fabrics from Moda.

  • Valentina Collection

    Enjoy this new collection from Valentina Ramos (now Harper).

    Click on the samples below to see more detail.

  • Toy Box III - Miniatures, circa 1930 by Sara Morgan

    You’ll love this adorable collection of unusual and hard-to-find juvenile and toy motifs from Blue Hill Fabrics.  Filled with kitty cats, playful children, dogs, ducks, bunnies and more, these tiny prints are sure to delight quilters and kids of all ages.

    These fun vintage fabric designs are now in stock at Snappy Quilts.

    Click on the samples below to take a closer look.


    These fabrics are also available online (click here).

  • Victorian Dream

    Victorian era marries science fiction in the hot trend known as STEAMPUNK! From the couture runway models in NY and Paris, to mainstream apparel and home decor, these very detailed and beautiful rendered designs will get you geared up and inspire so many creative projects.  Designed by Roberta Morales for Quilting Treasures Fabrics.

    Click on these samples to see a larger image:

  • New "Sunburst" Collection in Yellow & Black

    Yellow and black colors burst onto fabric in this new contemporary collection. These color options are continuing to trend strong for interior design in 2012 - 2013! This sophisticated color palette can be seen in home decor to weddings.

    Click on the samples below to see more.


  • Odds & Ends Canvas Collection

    Check out this fun canvas carryall bag made from our new Odds & Ends canvas fabrics and the Kona Carryall pattern from Pink Sand Beach Designs.

  • Poppy Belle

    Poppy Belle

    Lotta Jansdotter says her designs are like little plants working their way through cracks in the sidewalk.   We agree!  It's fresh and cheerful.

    Although Lotta's online shop and Brooklyn store recently closed, you can pick up Poppy Bella at Snappy Quilts.

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